Severe Weather Advisory – Typhoon Hinnamnor


HINNAMNOR formed as a Tropical Cyclone on August 27th in the Pacific Ocean and intensified into a Category Two Typhoon on August 29th. Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JWTC) forecasts a rapidly intensifying Category Four Typhoon in the next 36 hours as it heads towards Taiwan but is expected to veer near the Japanese island of Naha.


Skytek’s analytics platform counts more than 4,5k marine assets (merchant ships, inland traffic, offshore platforms) in the cone of the typhoon, which is further narrowed down into a more granular view; Skytek platform counting inside the area of the 50knots wind reports the following exposed assets:


In the danger zone of the Typhoon (50 knots winds and more), Skytek captures 106 blue water ships: 53 Bulk Carriers, 19 Tanker ships, 10 Container ships and 24 General Cargo ships, whose hull value is modelled by Skytek platform to a currently estimated market value $1,214 million.


30 renewable, energy offshore and support assets: 11 windfarms, 2 Drilling Rigs, 2 Jack-up Support Platforms, 3 Shuttle Tankers and 12 offshore support vessels, whose value is modelled by Skytek to a current estimated market value of $352 million.

Figure 1 – Typhoon Hinnamnor, overview of marine assets in the cone, August 29th 2022

EO satellite imagery provided by:

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