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Sample Reports

Kakhovka Dam, Ukraine Destruction

The Dnieper River is the longest river in Ukraine, and along its stream are deployed six sets of dams and hydroelectric stations producing an estimated 10% of the country’s electricity...

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ESG Report: EEXI & CII Fleet Analysis

In November 2020 (MEPC 75), the IMO approved amendments to MARPOL Annex VI to introduce a new technical efficiency standard for in-service vessels - the ‘Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index’...

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On July 27th, 2022, the United Nations (UN) secretary general announced the implementation of a UN initiative to allow commercial food exports from three key Ukrainian ports in the Black...

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Bosphorus Strait – Marine Congestion Report

The Bosphorus Strait is the narrowest strait used for international navigation, connecting the Black and the Marmara seas and separating Europe from Asia. Around 170 vessels transit each day and...

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Sample Images

Hurricane Ian: Salty Sam Marina, Fort Myers, Florida

Pre-Event Image: Satellite image dated August 25th, 2022, of the Salty Sam Marina in Fort Myers – Credits @AirbusSpace

Post-Event Image: Aerial image dated September 30th, 2022, of the damage in the Salty Sam Marina in Fort Myers – Credits @ NOAA

Ukraine War: Pre and post-satellite images of the Azovstal Steel Plant

Ukraine War: Pre and post-satellite images of Kherson International Airport

South African Floods: Pre and post-satellite images of Durban Port

Drone Strike: Pre and post-satellite images of the Saudi Aramco’s North Jeddah storage facility

Hurricane Ida: Pre and post-satellite and drone images of storage areas in Port Fourchon

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