Typhoon Chaba

Tropical cyclone CHABA formed on June 25th in the Philippine Sea, and has intensified into a Category one Typhoon, and made landfall in the afternoon of July 02nd near Zhanjiang City, bringing heavy to very heavy rainfall.

An engineering vessel, Fujing001 having 30 crew onboard has broken in two and rescue is in progress, as per a statement from Hong Kong Government Flying Service.

Typhoon Chaba, overview, July 02nd 2022

Skytek counts more than 10k marine assets (merchant ships, inland traffic, offshore platforms) in the cone of the typhoon, which is further narrowed down into a more granular view. The Skytek REACT platform counts inside the area of the 50-knot winds the following exposed assets:

Merchant Ships

135 blue water ships: 53 Bulk Carriers, 25 Tanker ships, 16 Container ships and 41 General Cargo ships, whose hull value is modelled by the Skytek platform to a current estimated market value of $1,691 million.

Figure 1 – Typhoon Chaba, overview of marine assets in the cone, July 02nd 2022


177 energy offshore and support assets: 45 oil platforms, 22 Drilling Rigs, 8 Jack-up Support Platforms, 3 Shuttle Tankers and 99 offshore support vessels, whose hull value is modelled by Skytek to a current estimated market value of $185 million.

EO satellite imagery provided by:

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