Marine Hull Condition Update Report – Apr 25 2022

The activity in all ports of Ukraine ceased on February 24th, 2022, and Skytek used high-resolution satellite imagery to monitor the condition of ships and equipment in various Ukrainian ports.


Port of Yuzhni
Figure 1 - Yuzhni, port overview on April 01st, 2022

9 merchant ships, of Bulk Carrier type were moored on February 24th, 2022, when the Russian invasion of Ukraine started, and satellite imagery, last taken on April 01st, indicates that there was no change in the number of ships moored in the port, and no movement of the merchant vessels was noted.

The north part of the port captures the vessel Global Aglaia, moored alongside jetty 21 since February 2022.

Skytek records 236 merchant ships blocked alongside jetties of Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea and the sea of Azov, exceeding now 2 months stationary. Standard Charter Parties include a hull fouling clause for stationary periods exceeding 15 days, which is likely to trigger under performance claims when the ships will be able to depart.

Satellite imagery of March 06th, 2022 indicates that the vessel Maran Astronomer was left with hatch covers open, potentially exposing the cargo holds protective coating to the environment.

Since February 24th, several owners have evacuated the crew from their ships, apparently leaving the vessels unmanned.

Maran Dry Management, the dry bulk fleet management arm of Maran Greek owner announced 35 crew members were evacuated from their 2 ships in Yuzhni port, on March 08th, 2022.

Skytek takes another satellite imagery on March 01st  2022 and finds the vessels secured, with hatch covers closed.

The overview of the port does not indicate shelling of Yuzhni port, the vessels and the port equipment are noted not in use, but apparently not shelled or damaged.

port of Yuzhni
Figure 2 - Yuzhni port, overview on March 06th, 2022
Port of Yuzhni
Figure 3 - Yuzhni port, overview on April 01st, 2022


The general cargo vessel Rusen Mete is recorded alongside in Berdiansk since March 08th, 2022, and on March 23rd, the Russian navy ship BDK-69 Orsk is seen alongside the Berdiansk port jetty.

Port of Berdiask
Figure 4 - Berdiask port on March 08th 2022, showing Rusen Mete alongside
Port of Berdiask
Figure 5 - Berdiask port on March 23rd, 2022, showing Rusen Mete and BDK 69 Orsk alongside, BDK 69 Orsk in flames after hit by a Ukrainian missile

The Ukrainian army has reportedly targeted and sunk the Russian navy landing ship BDK 69 Orsk, on March 23rd, which is captured in Figure 5. 

International Maritime Organization (IMO), has published Circular Letter no. 4543 from the Government of the Russian Federation establishing from March 27th, 2022 a humanitarian maritime corridor aiming for safe passage of merchant vessels from the ports of Ukraine (ports of Chernomorsk, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Ochakov, Odesa and Yuzhne), however, the high-resolution imagery analysed by Skytek indicates that there are no vessels to date that have departed using the safe corridor.  

Navigational warnings to mariners (NAVAREA III) have advised of the existence of lose floating mines in the Black Sea, which further deter merchant ships attempts to depart from the berths where they are currently moored in Ukrainian ports. 

Full resolution annotated images

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