Destruction at Kherson Airport – Ukraine

The Russian army has been fighting in the city of Kherson since February 24th and occupied Kherson International Airport on February 25th, 2022.

Kherson Airport, Ukraine
Figure 1 - Kherson international Airport on February 28th

This was confirmed by satellite imagery acquired on February 28th, showing a large concentration of Russian military trucks stationed near the airport, as highlighted in Figure 1.

On March 2nd, Kherson became the first major Ukraine city captured by Russian forces, turning the Kherson International Airport into a Russian military base.

The satellite imagery acquired on March 15th (Figure 2) highlights an increase in Russian military trucks presence and at least 20 helicopters stationed near the runway.

Kherson Airport, Ukraine
Figure 2 - Kherson international Airport on March 15th

On this day, Ukrainian forces have attacked the Russian military assets on the ground, and satellite images capture several burning helicopters and trucks, as shown in Figure 2.

Following the reaction from Ukraine’s forces on the satellite image acquired on March 24th (Figure 3), there seem to be significantly fewer military assets around the Kherson Airport. The helicopters have been removed, and the imagery shows military trucks hidden in trenches.

The airport’s runway and the access road T2215 appear still functional and not damaged.

Kherson Airport, Ukraine
Figure 3 - Kherson international Airport on March 24th

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