Marine Casualty Advisory – Collision at Gibraltar – Update

Update Summary:

On the late evening of August 29th, 2022, the laden Bulk Carrier OS 35 was leaving Gibraltar anchorage for a destination of Vlissengen, Netherlands, and shortly after, at 22:07 LT (20:07 UTC), it made contact on its starboard side with the bulbous bow of the anchored LNG tanker Adam LNG.

The OS 35 reported taking in water and, with the pilot onboard, was directed by the Port of Gibraltar to intentionally beach on the Eastside, near the Catalan Bay, at a 17m depth of water.

British Marine P&I Club, a QBE Europe SA/NV subsidiary, has appointed Resolve Marine Services (Gibraltar) Ltd as the salvors for the OS 35 vessel.

At the grounding time, the bulk carrier OS 35 had 215 tonnes of heavy fuel oil, 250 tonnes of diesel fuel and 27 tonnes of lube oil, which was removed from the aft tanks.

Divers’ inspection reportedly revealed a 10m by 4m gash on the starboard side of the OS 35 and an indication of hull rupture. By construction, bulk carriers have fuel tanks in the forward part, complicating the fuel removal process,

Subsequent to beaching, the ship’s hull ruptured, and bunker lines to forward tanks are captured in high-resolution imagery in Figure 2 on September 04th, 2022 giving off fuel pollution around the ship.

Gibraltar government declared the collision a major incident, the port remaining closed for several days.

Due to severe weather during the winter months, the vessel became nearly submerged, as captured in the high-resolution satellite imagery of February 22nd, in Figure 3.

The cargo extraction process commenced on January 20th, 2023, starting with the initial loads being removed from the third Cargo Hold.

The Gibraltar government set a deadline of May 31st, 2023 to appoint salvors, for the wreck removal.

At the time of the grounding, the Tuvalu flag Bulk Carrier OS35 was priced by Skytek at an estimated market value of $12,76m and is now listed as a total loss.

Skytek’s Situation Room platform lists the particulars of the ship involved in the incident:


OS 35



IMO number


P & I Club

British Marine



Classification Society

Korean Register Of Shipping



Group Owner

Oldstone Management Ltd

Ship type

Bulk Carrier

Ship Manager

Oldstone Management Ltd




Oldstone Management Ltd



Registered Owner

Oldstone Cargo Ltd


10.6 m (max 10.6)

Technical Manager

Oldstone Management Ltd



Last Port

Sohar, Oman August 08th 2022




Vlissengen, Netherlands.

Date of Build



036°08’04.0”N 005°19’56.6”W

Table 1 – OS 35, vessel particulars table

Figure 2 - Catalan Bay overview showing the OS 35 aground and salvage effort around the ship, on September 04th,2022, @Planet Labs data
Figure 3 - Catalan Bay overview showing cargo removal process from OS 35 on February 22nd , @Planet Labs data

EO satellite imagery provided by:

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